Chambanacon banana artwork by Matt Hawk

Splits Jamming With His Entourage Filk Attendees

ChamBanaCon has always been known for its filking, but since the coup ministrations of our leerless feeder and world-travelling musician Brenda Sutton, it's somehow managed to get even better.

Besides loads of good music throughout the weekend, check out the "Never Ending Filk Panel"; and, if you can hang around close to Dead Dog time, visit the Die Hard Jam on Sunday afternoon.

(psst. the filk area is also close to the consuite, so food and drink is always readily available!)

This year, we’ve added a second room for late night filk, and have an additional concert space for Saturday night.

Over 30 filkers, musicians and listeners alike, have preregistered for this year’s Chambanacon, many from as far away as Canada, Oregon, Wisconsin, California and Texas.

Here are just some of the singers, pickers, players and friends coming to the Big Banana this year. Hope to see you here too!