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A special message from Chancellor :

Friends, it is with a heavy peel that I announce there will be no bunching this year.

A great bruise is upon our fair land, and it would be irresponsible for such a gathering to be allowed at this time.

But, fear not, friends, for all is not lost.

As this was to be an especially auspicious meeting - our fiftieth crop - all of the very special guests who were to attend this year have agreed to lie low and safe, waiting for this scourge to pass so that they may visit us another time.

So, next year, when it is (hopefully) safe to do so, look forward to seeing guests Jim Hines, Juanita Coulson, M. David Brim, Todd Hamilton, Cathy McManamon, Scott Thorne, Clif Flynt, as well as all the friends and loved ones you've come to visit each and every year.

Friends, we will bunch again.

Same ’bana time, same ’bana channel.

Different ’bana year. Our wonderful hotel has agreed to hold the space, and welcome us back when we return in 2021.

My right-hand finger Splits will keep you informed as things develop.

Grove willing, I will see all of you next year.  Stay strong, friends, stay safe, and above all, stay smoooooooooth!!!.