Chambanacon banana artwork by Matt Hawk

Funnies - Todd Hamilton, 1990 General Information:

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ChamBanaCon is not just any old relax-a-con. It’s the longest running relax-a-con in Central Illinois, so we take the responsibility of promoting Class A #1 Relaxation very seriously. We make a concerted effort to make sure that programming doesn’t get in the way of having a good time, doesn’t start too early in the morning, doesn’t interfer with conversation, conviviality, and commeradery. There’s no masquerade -- too much work, man -- but rogue Hearts tournaments or Hoof & Mouth playoffs spring up in the blink of an eye, along with LARPing, sing-a-longs... whatever distractions melt away the stresses of life.

ALL NIGHT CONSUITE (Back to the top)

The consuite at our hotel is probably THE most perfect location for a consuite EVER! As usual, it will be stocked with coffee, tea, soda, and a wonderful assortment of fruits, veggies AND Phread’s home-baked goodies that always includes a wonderful supply of chocolate in several varieties.

ART SHOW (Back to the top)

There is a modest hanging fee of only $.25 per piece, along with the traditional and reasonable commission of only 10% of selling price. Prints are accepted for immediate sale. We accept mail-in art accompanied by a check or money order for return shipping. Art should be of a science fiction / fantasy nature. For more information download the ChamBanaCon Artshow Package or send SASE to:

368 W. Main Street
Danville IN 46122-1622

BANQUET (Back to the top)

"One of the best banquets we’ve had in recent memory." -- Bob Beese
"Needs more meat loaf." -- Anonymous Major Appliance

Come enjoy the merriment, enjoy delicious food, and hear the Guest of Honor speeches. $30 per person, seating is limited to 50 tickets, available via pre-registration or while supply lasts at the convention.

FILK (Back to the top)

Waaaaaay too much to show here! Please see the Filk page for more info...

GAMING & WORLD BUILDING (Back to the top)

Come enjoy RPGs, miniatures, and war gaming with Sean Roberts, gamemaster. There will also be tables available for open gaming.

WRITER’S TRACK (Back to the top)

Waaaaaay too much to show here! Please see the Writer’s Track page for more info...

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